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Metro Parks Sports Nashville

CRAFT Teen Summer League

2022 Summer Season 

The Metro Parks and Recreation CRAFT Program is designed to promote growth and social responsibility within our teen population through recreational sports, social enrichment, and community service. Teens participating in this program will have a multitude of enrichment opportunities including: gang resistance, youth violence education, illicit drug/ alcohol and tobacco prevention, personal responsibility, financial literacy and career development.

CRAFT is an acronym for the 5 basic principles which are the foundation of the program.

Critical thinking- to engage in reflective and independent thinking
Resilience- the mental toughness to overcome obstacles 
Awareness- awareness to both positive and negative influences 
Fundamentals- basic fundamentals for success both on and off the court
Teamwork- Learning to work with others to obtain a common goal

*Program Participants are required to attend a minimum of 2 enrichment activities per month*